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Z2 Remote2PC - v.1.2

New Free PC to PC Remote Control Solution for Windows Vista Included!
Fully support Windows Vista and Aero Glass effect
Support fast user switch and remote control Windows Terminal service for Windows Vista, Windows XP
Remote management of desktop computer c Pocket PC.
Supports various types of connections, including GPRS and ActiveSync, LAN, WLAN.
Works for secure compound with the use of 256 bit AES encryption.
The program is multmedia file transfer and support to restart masks. You can send multiple files at once, plus synchronization clipboard.
Turn the screen 360 degrees, 6 levels of scalability, support for VGA and full-Bugs.
Mouse emulation work and the possibility of typing from the keyboard Poketa.
Support for UPnP port forwarding and Dynamic DNS.
Requirements for the installation: WM2003 (SE) WM5.6 and Windows 98 - WindowsXP computer.

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