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iPhone PC Suite Eng 0.2.1

management tool for your browser phone and PC content, and high-speed mobile phones and PC to transfer files. Photo management: iPhone photographs management, including download, upload, delete, and other functions, based on the original film iPhone Camera Tool music downloads: iPhone will allow you to the music, audio books, Podcast, movies, television and other content downloads back to your computer. E-Book Management: allows you to txt, umd the book into a format suitable for the ebook Show html format, to avoid the word out, at the same time part of the file name support Chinese upload, contains deleted download. Memorandum manager: allows you to the Notes on the iPhone management, included in the PC-new, delete, modify, the Memorandum of Export function. SMS Management: allows you to the iPhone in the SMS management, included in the PC-Show, delete, export messaging functions. Call records: Allow your iPhone in the call records management, included in the PC-Show, delete, export record of the calls function. Contacts: Allow your iPhone in the directory management, the new terminal included in the PC, modify, delete, Export, Import Address Book function. E-mail: iPhone allows you to the e-mail management, e-mail includes PC-to UTF-8 operation, download e-mail features. Donor development: for the development of our donors.

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