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Create Text Reflection with Adobe Photoshop

My friends some day ask me, about make some Text Logo that have reflection. So I decided to make this tutorial and I hope If still have error or else you can contact me, and I will fix it. Before we do this tutorial, first prepare you weapon: Adobe Photoshop only that run on Mac OSX or Windows.

Ok, let’s get’s started…

First Create New Page with width 300px and height 100px like this screen shot
New File

Then Try to type many as you like, like this example
Add Text

After that, try to add blending effect to make more realistic effect like this
Add Gradient Effect

Done Effect

And after completed, duplicate the layer, and rasterize type and make to become real image bitmap.

Copy to new Layer

Rasterize Shadow Layer
Group Smart Layer

Last Rasterize

After completed that step add new layer mask and add new gradien and make like this example
Set Shadow

Done Effect

Done, you have Text Reflection Effect.

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