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Yahoo! Go For Mobile2.0

Yahoo! Go For Mobile2.0

Yahoo Go Mobile 2.0
Yahoo has just release their new handy widgets(mini-applications), you can easily to letting search email, view maps or read local news, sports data, financial info, weather and flickr photos.

The widget is fast, updates frequently, and has an attractive interface. You’ll be easily navigate to read top news headlines, on the small screen.

This widgets completed by search facility, oneSearch, which help you find anything on the phone. It programmed with prioritize result so you’ll find the most likely on a mobile device.

Even you dont need a Yahoo!ID for using this widget, I wish you to get one free account on because you’ll get instant access of your customized when logging into Yahoo!Go. This service will be disable if you’re not yahoo member. So, Youll find that the content setting you’ve made on your PCwill be applied automaticallyon your mobile device.

Yahoo!Go works on java, Symbian, and windows mobile phone. It doesnt work on BREW, Linux or Palm OS. But, Dont worry if this widget doesnt work on your mobile device, Yahoo promises that this widget will be rolling out in the near future.

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