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Business2Go Small Business v2.10

Business2Go Small Business v2.10

this is a business management and accounting program specifically designed for small companies. In this product you will find a wealth of features normally found in mid-sized software programs, yet at a very reasonable price. The features provided by the Small Business Edition will allow you to handle small business information more efficiently. We hope we'll make your small business develop by offering software that will help you manage your information more intuitively than ever before.

Features :

Key Features
Double-Entry General Ledger.
Unlimited Customers, Vendors, Inventory Items, Invoices, etc.
Flexible and Customizable Numbering for Customers, Vendors, Inventory Items, Invoices, etc.
Enhanced Data Search Mechanism with User Modifiable Searches.
Strong Reports Capabilities.
Built-in E-Mail Client Module.
Editing of Formed Reports in Preview Mode.
Reports Export in a Quantity of Formats by One Click.
E-Mailing Reports by One Click.
Security Controls User Access to Modules.
Multi-Volume Backup and Restore Data.
Task Bar for Easy Window Switching.
Network Ready.

Available Modules
Inventory Control
Add-On Products
System Manager
Data Migration Tool
Set Customer Address Type as Ship to, Bill to, Both or Quote.
Unlimited Ship to Addresses for Each Bill to Customer.
Separate Bill to and Ship to Areas for Each Order.
Possibility of Individual Pricing for Every Customer.
Sales Commission Setup and Tracking.
Checks Customer Credit Balance and Status.
Automatically Create Sales Order from Quotation and Invoice from Sales Order.
Credit Memo.
Sell Inventory or Non-Inventory Items.
Create and Track Partial Shipments and Back Orders.
Apply Unlimited Payments to Invoice.
Enter a Single Payment and Quickly Pay Multiple Invoices.
Payments Posted Automatically to GL.
Customer Statements.

Create Purchase Orders and Handle Multiple Receipts.
Receive Partial Shipments.
Each Receipt Updates and Re-Costs Inventory.
Debit Memo.
Create a Bill for Each Purchase and Auto Fill Billing Info from Purchase Receipt and Vendor Defaults.
Track Payments to Vendors.
Make Unlimited Payments Against One Invoice.
Payments Posted Automatically to GL.
Vendor Statements.

Inventory Control
LIFO, FIFO or Weighted Average Costing.
Inventory Classes.
Inventory Categories and Sub Categories.
Select Default and Unlimited Other Vendors, Including Price and Lead Time.
Handles Inventory in Multiple Warehouses.
Easily Transfer Goods Between Warehouses.
Supports Unlimited Multi-Pricing Levels by Qty Low, Qty High, Percentage and Fixed Price.
Include Long Text Description and Picture for Each Item.
Inventory Adjustments.

Unlimited Bank/Checking/Saving Accounts.
Record Checks, Deposits, Withdrawals and Adjustments.
Includes Standard Bank Transaction Types or Add Your Own.
Bank Account Register.
Bank Account Reconciliation.

Maintain Account and Sub Account Information.
Includes Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Revenue, COGS, Expense, Other Revenue and Other Expense.
Double Entry General Ledger.
General Ledger Adjustments.
Set Default Accounts to Use for Inventory, Sales and Purchases, etc.
Ledger Displays Date, Debit, Credit, Transaction Description.
View Beginning and Current Balance.

Reports module.
E-Mail client module.

System Manager
Security Controls User Access to Modules.
Supports Roles for Easy and Quick Security Setup.
Backup and Restore Data to Disk, Network Drive, or Floppy Disks.
Supports Multi-Volume Backup Files.

Data Migration Tool


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