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Adobe Photoshop: Tips and Tricks from the Experts

Photoshop Trick and tipsAuthor: Bruce Fraser, Bert Monroy, John Paul Caponigro, Rick Sammon, Ben Willmore, Richard Harrington, George DeWolfe, Dave Montizambert, Sherry London, Katrin Eismann, Michael Baumgardt, Martin Evening, Doc Baumann, Greg Vander Houwen
Publisher: Adobe Systems Incorporated.
Language: English
Page: 56

E Book Contain Adobe Photoshop tips and trick about F-stop corrections, Creating Metallic Type, Smoke, Creating the Magical Mirror Effect, Creative Photo Cropping, Lightblast!, Total Contrast Control Using Two Images, Digital Light Painting, Woodcuts, Photo Filters to the Rescue, Gif Animation: Swipe Effect, Working with Lens Blur, Looking Through a Glass, Rain Drops.

Ebook Format: PDF
License: Other
Download Link:
Adobe Photoshop: Tips and Tricks from the Experts

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