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Schirmer Encyclopedia of Film by Barry Keith Grant

Schirmer Encyclopedia of Film by Barry Keith Grant (Author)
Publisher: Schirmer Books; 1 edition (December 8, 2006) | ISBN-10: 0028657918 | PDF | 54 Mb | RS

Grade 9 UpDrawing on authoritative, international contributors, information on film is extensively documented in this set, which is intended as a film-studies staple. The alphabetically arranged volumes are titled as follows: "Academy AwardsCrime Films"; "CriticismIdeology"; "Independent FilmRoad Movies"; and "Romantic ComedyYugoslavia." Subtopics include countries, history, philosophies, and more, with information on individual movies often spread over several entries. Articles range from as few as 5 pages ("Slapstick comedy") to 17 pages ("Italy"). Contemporary topics, such as "Gay, lesbian and queer cinema," are included along with more-expected entries on "Teen films" and "Cinematography." See-also references guide readers to one or more related topics or subtopics, while further-reading suggestions provided after every entry list academic and popular articles and books. The more than 16,000 index entries, with major topics in bold type, make access straightforward. The text is highlighted with photographs varying in size, color, and clarity, along with brief biographies on related figures. While there is a plethora of good publications on film, such as Ephraim Katz's single-volume The Film Encyclopedia (HarperCollins, 2005) and his The Macmillan International Film Encyclopedia (2001), this set is more comprehensive and current. Public libraries and secondary schools, especially those with a focus on filmmaking, should plan to include it in their collections.


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