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Converting DOC files to PDF

During last year, an internet friend of mine asked for my suggestion on acrobat pdf iconhow to convert word document into PDF as he wanted to write an e-book using Microsoft Word. I suggested him a few ways I know and he was quite satisfied with the result.

Without further ado, let’s check the solutions available for you to convert your doc file to PDF format.

Using Online Conversion Tool

Onlin conversion services such as let you convert your DOC file to PDF for free. You just need to upload your DOC file, and then they will send you the PDF version of the file diectly to your e-mail.

Using Adobe Acrobat Reader has created a tutorial on how to convert Microsoft Word documents to Adobe’s Portable Document Format (PDF) using Adobe Acrobat Reader which you can find here. The steps are quite long, but I believe that in return, you will get a good skill using the software.

Using Open

Love and use Open Office? You probably know that this free office suite has DOC to PDF conversion utility. The installation file is quite big if you want to download the office suite but fortunately, there is a portable version of Open Office which you can run in any pc with Microsoft Windows Operating System. Download Open Office Portable (69.5MB)

You might ask: How about if I want a specialize software for the file conversion..?

PrimoPDF which is free is there for you (13.19MB).

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