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10 Reasons Why Women Cheat

People often think that women are the fairer gender and are unlikely to be the one who cheat on their spouses, yet it seems that belief will now be a thing of the past. In today’s society, studies have shown that women are equally likely to be cheating on their husbands. However, one would then ponder, would the reasons behind a woman cheating on her husband be the same as those from a husband cheating on his wife? In this article, we will look into some of these reasons.

#1 Ever heard this quote before, “A hungry man is an angry man”? Well a lonely woman is, a very lonely woman. The truth is woman do not like to be all alone without any company. When a woman is left to herself by her spouse, they are likely to head out to search for affairs. This is even more so in an unsatisfactory relationship where it can get very lonely for a woman. Also, such loneliness is even worse than that when they are single!

#2 Self-esteem to a woman is very important and women who feel that they are unattractive are often likely to seek for praises from other people. Just think about it, a woman who is constantly critiqued by her husband as unattractive and not beautiful goes out for a walk and meets someone who appreciates her. Praising her for her beauty and chatting up with her, would not the woman feel so much more attracted to someone who is able to make her feel good?

#3 Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Revenge is the absolute best way to get back at a cheating spouse. Woman get back at their husbands to deal the same pain that was inflicted onto them. Maybe it was an affair or betrayal, but she will feel so much better knowing that he instead of she is at the receiving end of the pain.

#4 Women like excitement, be it in sex or in their relationships, they do not like to go through a relationship experiencing the same boring stuff over and over again. As a result they look to affairs to spice up their life.

#5 With more women working these days, it is no wonder that they will be more ‘tempted’ by the handsome and younger counterparts they meet at work daily. A younger, more handsome and higher paid hunk would definitely be more tantalizing than the old hag back at home right? With increased exposure to more of the opposite sex, the tendency for women to have affairs would obviously rise.

#6 The boss having an affair with her secretary, a familiar scenario? Working life brings in factors of late working nights and company secrets into a woman’s life. This arouses some sort of intimacy that encourages the birth of an affair.

#7 Caution is not just reserved for before sex in an affair, but rather it starts much earlier while going through the motion of life. When you are going to a pub with your spouse, would it be alright with you if your spouse flirts back to someone who is dropping them hints? Prevention is better than cure, be sure to talk with your spouse about such things first before they occur and you can have a better relationship with your spouse.

#8 Just as testosterone-filled need to fulfill their sexual needs, a woman is no different! If her man is not able to give her what she needs, she moves on to the next best option she has. Spend time with your wife even after you slogged your brains dry during work, it beats having your wife is sleeping with your neighbor or your best friend because you work so hard to provide for the family.

#9 Women are sensitive creatures and require their spouse to be supportive of their dreams and desires. Being the supportive one in a relationship may not be easy but it is very important as it gives your wife a sense of security and lets her feel cared for, or she may feel that you are not bothered about her life.

#10 Last but not least, unhappiness is the root cause of almost all divorces and split ups, let alone affairs. Without joy in a relationship, women would look for alternatives to keep themselves happy and they would not stop till they find another that can make them feel happy, even if it means sleeping with them.

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