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download SPSS 11.5.1 For Windows

SPSS 11.5.1
RAR | RS | OS:Win | 463 Mb

SPSS 11.5 will make it easier for my company to deliver well-crafted market research, providing clients with the critical information they require in order to make better business decisions.SPSS® 11.5 for Windows® and SPSS Server 11.5 for Window NT®/2000. This version of SPSS features a new clustering analysis technique, better reporting capabilities, improved data management and enhanced workflow.
More than 250,000 organizations worldwide rely on SPSS for Windows for conducting survey research, database analysis and scientific research. An advanced statistical and data management package, SPSS 11.5 provides an easy-to-use, comprehensive offering for the entire analytical process – planning, data collection, data access and management, analysis, reporting and deployment.

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