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Mikrotik RouterOS 3.2 release


several fixes……. ninguna novedad. Sigo esperando con ansias el rb1000. Ojala que se llegue a comercializar aca la cajita rackeable, es muuy bonita, ideal para mi futura rack tower, ya tengo el switch y un server raqueable asi que es cuestion de tiempo…

What’s new in 3.2:

*) ssh - use preshared key also when user name has login parameters;
*) added “:led user-led=[yes|no]” command for RB300/RB600 series;
*) graphing - bugfixes; health section restored;
*) fixed problem - /ip traffic-flow could crash router
*) fixed simple queue vlan matching
*) fixed ipv6 firewall counters
*) user manager - fixed bug related to download/upload counter overflow
in reports;
*) fixed problem - sometimes dhcp client could not renew lease
on wireless interface;
*) fixed problem - connection tracking entries could not be removed sometimes;
*) ospf - don’t install AS external routes with local address as gateway;
*) ospf - fixed bug triggered by adding and removing same AS external route
on two routers; that route could always remain in OSPF routing table;
*) web proxy - compact flash and USB disks did not show up after reboot
on slow boards, fixed;
*) fixed wireless transmit lockup detection;

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