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Full Speed Internet Broadband Connection v2.1


Dramatically speed up your existing Internet broadband connection and get the best performance possible from your current Internet access.
No technical questions; just one click and it’s done.
Free Internet speed test software included.. Full Speed will increase your online Internet speed
with everything you do:

faster downloads, web browsing, data streaming, e-mail. P2P and gaming.

Instantly Get
1. Faster Internet access
2. Faster download speeds
3. Faster web site browsing performance
4. Improve Internet and Intranet performance
5. Quicker data download times
6. Improved streaming music and movies
7. Faster download for songs and video
8. Faster performance with email
9. Better download speed for all data
10. Faster loading Web graphics
11. Speed test for Web site browsing
12. Speed test for general data transfer

What's New in This Release
A 20% bandwidth reserve which is claimed by default by Windows XP for selective network functions and is very often not used, is re-claimed and used by Full Speed to increase Internet access bandwidth, (when not used by the other network functions).
Full Speed testing software now uses higher capacity, more accurate and consistent hosting servers....

Tested over:
1. T1, T3, Cable, DSL - SDSL, ADSL
2. VPN and direct wired WAN/LAN
3. P2P, Remote Desktop, File Sharing Software

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