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Digital Generation Gap - Back To The Basics

The digital generation gap is defined as the occurrence of a child who is much more computer savvy than their parent! The gap is slowly closing as those who were school age before computers became commonplace get older. However, the digital generation gap can lead to problems such as online predators, exposure to inappropriate material and identity theft. I say the best approach is the two pronged common sense combined with a quick overview of parental control settings and computer monitoring software!

When researching this article I was surprised to discover that the most basic form of prevention seems to be being overlooked! Simply being present and communicating with the younger computer savvy household member goes a long way. Never discount your presence whether you are actually engaged in the situation or not I fully suggest faking it! It stands to reason then, that computers be kept in an area of the house that is occupied and busy. For example the living room or family room verses a bedroom or basement. Intentionally walk by in a manner that you would potentially be able to see what is on the screen. I have learned from experience that peering over the youngsters shoulder might cause a less than favorable reaction. However, meandering around innocently gets the message of your potential intrusion across!

The second painfully simple and overlooked form of prevention is communication. Simply speak with your child about how they are spending their time on the computer. And be open with your child about the potential dangers of

internet use. Here is where you interject your annoying suggestions and misuse of cool sayings. You may even ask for a lesson or two although, depending on the cunningness of your youngster you may not want to expose your level of technical ignorance.

This two pronged approach is intended to be run simultaneously. Therefore, while implying that you can and will snoop at any given moment you should also truly do a little research and familiarize yourself with your computer.

In all seriousness it is your responsibility to protect against online predators. This unfortunately is an all too common problem that is the downfall of the incredible information and communication system. Type in keywords such as computer monitoring software, internet monitoring software and parental controls to do some comparison shopping and purchase a reasonably priced software. Roll your sleeves up and get started! The irony here is that all the knowledge you need, in any learning style you prefer is there, waiting to be accessed. Hint: is a website with extensive safety information for kids and teens. Ask your house techi for some assistance and familiarize yourself. You will be thrilled at the feeling of empowerment you have at being able to answer any question with a few keystrokes and clicks. The amount of knowledge and speed of communication is priceless!

Although the digital generation gap is getting smaller, children are still overall more computer savvy than their parents. To avoid the potential problems of online predators, exposure to inappropriate material and identity theft it is time to brush up your communication and computer skills!

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