Hi guys i had search in another site and i found final fantasy VII, but in spanish version

Final Fantasy VII

Game Overview/ Story:
The Final Ancient Battle is an epic fierce battle between two empires and is set during the Medieval Times.

Alps Empire is a prosperous state and governed an Emperor who is eager to expand his Empire and will go to all lengths to do so. They want to launch a large scale invasion plan on another state, the Lore Empire. So the Emperor decides to send a hero from the Cavalry as a spy to Lore Empire. When the hero of the saga reaches Lore, he is stunned to find that there exists a religion that practice unorthodox ethics and many young girls have vanished.

Game Features:
- An Action Role-Playing Game of an epic battle
- Intriguing story plot that is full of twist and turns
- Isometric engine with impressive graphics
- Extensive range of attack moves and magical tactics for player to choose
- Realistic sound effects with high recognition
- Boasts an extensive gameplay of a long and exciting adventure
- Allow players to gain extra experience at the Training Hut, midway through the game
- User friendly keypad control