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all MGS Online Games for OS7/8/8.1/9.1

MGS Online is a fast-growing online mobile games community. Once you have logged in to MGS Online from your mobile phone, you can find and play a variety of games with other players from around the world. All the games need to be downloaded by logging into MGS Online.

MGS Subsonic Size:953K
MGS Subsonic Racing brings the thrills of intra-planetary hover racing right to your fingertips. Race against 3 others in real-time over WIFI or 3G; and use your hard earned credits to customize your racer. Hone in your skills on different tracks to prepare for the upcoming championship!

MGS Mad Macs Size:765K
MGS Mad Macs is a wacky 3D tank battle game. Choose from 8 cartoon characters, select outrageous weapons, and download new maps! Remember, wind speed and direction will affect your shot. You can even send voice messages to up to 7 other players!

MGS Online Pool Size:234K
Play snooker, 9-Ball, 15-Ball, Free Drop, and other mini games, all in stunning 3D realism. Climb the ranks of players by challenging other players from around the world, and post your score online to see how you rate! Send voice messages to your opponent during the game!

MGS Mahjong Size:151K
MGS Mahjong is a popular traditional Chinese card game. In this current version, the official Chinese rule of 13 tiles is used. Send voice messages to your friends during the game.

MGS BigTwo Size:149K
MGS BigTwo is a popular Asian card game for up 4 players. Send voice messages to your friends during the game.

Install MGS (included in the archive - for OS7/8/8.1/9.1)
To play MGS Online games, you will need to download and install the MGS Version 2.1 client first. You can then download online games from within the MGS client. It is best to save MGS and all games on your memory card. If you use 3G or GPRS, you will be responsible for your own data charges.

Start MGS
Once MGS is installed, go to My Own folder and click on the MGS icon. Select "Register" as a first time user. You will be prompted for an Access Point. Please select either WIFI or your operator's 3G/GPRS access point. Proceed with the registration process and please remember your password.

Play MGS Online games
Once you have logged in to MGS Online, click on the game that you want to play and have already downloaded. Then enter a room to go to the game lobby. Once in the game lobby, you will be able to find other players to play with. Please use the joystick, left and right soft keys to navigate in the lobby.

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