The original providor wrote:

Mod symbian created for Da_BiggesT.

A good mod that recreates the WM11 in our symbian 2ºED.Os left the original pos:

Good compis, the Christmas approaches and Saint Bigg brought to them a present xD this one is me so mentioned mod, for me it is not the big thing but say to me you that it seems to them this is a mod of powerMP3, the interesting thing is that in sis it integrates the record so he will not ask them for code of activation

It has several integrated changes, and it is full

Tested on Nokia 6682 and n72, into 6682 I do not change to him the name of the direct access but into me n72 if, since it is possible to see in the image
the screenshots are of my mobile, this way the program is seen
Any doubt about the mod do not doubt to raise it, the app is in English
East is my first mod, now when me the makesis goes I will be able to do many more, alive XP! xD

:::: I EDIT::::
* Here I say to them the changes that are integrated:

* Will not ask for code of activation
* Name of the menu (of the direct access)
* Icon
* Skin