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The Romantic's

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Don't Forget to Remember Me 9 Mb
Carrie Underwood

Michael Learns To Rock
25 minutes (10,7 Mb)
gonna be around (10,3 Mb)
paint my love (9,8 Mb)
thats why (10,9 Mb)
notes :all with karaoke subtitle

The Corrs
So Young 10,5 Mb
Radio 11,6 Mb
What Can I Do 11,6 Mb
Only When I Sleep (unplugged) 11 Mb

Katherine McPhee
Over It 8,7 Mb

Ronan Keating
If Tomorrow Never Comes 8,7Mb
When You Say Nothing At All 10,5Mb

Joey Mcintyre
Stay The Same 6,3MB

More Than Words 11Mb

Sixpence none the richer
Kiss Me 4,4 Mb
Don't Dream it Over 9,1 Mb

Damien Rice

The Blower Daughter 10,5 Mb
Nine Crimes 9,7 Mb
Rootless Tree 10,3 Mb
CannonBall 9,9Mb

Fool Again 10,6Mb
Flying Without Wing 9 Mb
If I let You Go 7,7 Mb
Swear it again 8,8 Mb
My Love 9,5 Mb

The Hardest Thing 9,3 Mb

Simple Plan

Welcome To My Life 7,6 Mb
11,3 Mb
The Untitled 6,9 Mb

Maroon 5
Makes Me Wonder 9,4 Mb
She Will be Loved 10,9 Mb

Fix You 10,6 Mb
Speed of Sound 11,5 Mb
Talk 10,8 Mb
The Scientist 9,6 Mb

Hysteria 5,6 Mb
Sing for Absolution 11, 9 Mb

Dont Matter 10,5 Mb
Lonely 10,8 Mb
Smack That (feat Eminem) 10,4 Mb

Clay Aiken
Invisible 10,1 Mb

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